Who Is The Next Undertaker Of WWE?

WWE top executive and former D Generation X member Road Dogg has compared RAW superstar Finn Bálor to the greatest WWE legend of all time. He thinks Bálor’s alter ego, The Demon King, has the potential to be the next Undertaker!


The surreal shaman like creature that looks like it has spawned from Hell, which Finn transforms into is among the most over acts with the WWE Universe. It has lost only twice till date since its debut in 2014 but hasn’t been seen since Extreme Rules 2021 after losing to Roman Reigns, making it even rarer and more desirable.

In a recent interview with The Wrestling Outlaws, the Senior Vice President of Live Events claimed that this character can invoke a feeling of awe among the fans and make them believe he is an actual demon who can play along the lines where his opponent won’t like him if he’s angry.


Road Dogg said:“… made me suspend my disbelief a little bit, like, oh my God, has he turned into a demon?… touch on stuff like… “you won’t like me when I’m angry,” (5:06 – 5:22)

Will Finn Balor become the next Undertaker of WWE?

He went on to add that prior to Vince McMahon taking control of the creative department from Triple H, the character and Bálor were both on the rise. Therefore, with the correct positioning now, Finn Bálor as The Demon King even has the possibility of being the next Phenom (The Undertaker).

He added: “…I’m wondering how far we can go and is Finn Bálor as The Demon King the next Phenom. And that’s a possibility,” (5:45 – 6:05)


The Demon King and The Deadman both have visible similarities with the surreal ambient lighting and smokey fear provoking entry. Also, they are both projected as supernatural characters.

In an interview, Bálor had revealed Taker to be his childhood dream opponent, and this would be a dream match considering their similarities but with the Hall of Famer being retired, it will remain a dream, or will it…


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