Who Is The Boyfriend Of Ruby Soho? Here is everything that you need to know about her dating life

Ruby Soho has always been a mysterious and yet a very eccentric presence in any ring that she has ever been. Known to the WWE fans as Ruby Riott, she was an integral member of the Riot squad post which she had a fallout with the company and eventually chose to part ways with WWE. Hence, she arrived knocking on the doors of AEW and Soho got an entrance straight away.

Born as Dori Elizabeth Prange, Ruby Soho is currently wrestling under the brand of AEW. However, her wrestling days span quite far as she was also a part of the World Wonder Ring Stardom where she delivered under the ring name of Heidi Lovelace and other than that she was also a part of other independent circuits.

She has a long list of laurels that include the likes of AIW Women’s championship, AAW Heritage Championship, A1 Alpha Male Championship, World Heavyweight Championship in Channel Islands World Wrestling, the Young Lions Cup XI, OVW Women’s Championship, RCW Heavyweight Championship and Shimmer Tag Team championship.


She has also been ranked 20 of the top 50 female wrestlers in the PWI Female 50 in 2016 while she has also been ranked 48 in the PWI Tag Team 50 in 2021 alongside Liv Morgan.

A sneak peek into the dating life of Ruby Soho

However, despite her accomplishments, she rarely likes to post things in social media as she maintains a very reticent lifestyle. Now when you tend to be secretive, ideally, that sparks more interest in who you are and what your personal life has to say. One of the major aspects of personal life is the ‘dating’ gossip and this has been a frequently asked question that who is Ruby Soho sharing her romantic interests with.


At the moment though, Ruby is actually single but then she was in a relationship with Jacob Something who is also known as Jacob Doyle who is currently plying his trade for Impact Wrestling. After her failed stint in WWE, she is currently plying her trade for AEW where she is a part of the wrestle called the Outcasts alongside Saraya and Toni Storm.


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