​Who is Nina Agdal? All you need to know about Logan Paul’s fiancee

Logan Paul has been creating quite a few ripples in the WWE antiquity and the way he has been fighting his way through against the seasoned likes of wrestlers who have challenged his authority inside out, it is nothing short of impressive. Currently, he is rolling in the ring against Ricochet and the duo was involved in a terrific fall from the ladder while challenging each other in a singles match in the Raw episode post MITB. Well, we know a lot about Logan but how well are we aware of Nina Agdal who is Logan Paul’s fiancé?

They say that every successful man has a woman behind him and for Logan, it is two successful individuals building it together. Nina Agdal is one of the leading models in the industry and has been collaborating with iconic brands like Victoria’s Secret alongside also appearing for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue in its 50th edition. Here are five facts that you must know about Nina.

#1 Net Worth of Nina Agdal

Being one of the most iconic swimsuit models, Nina Agdal has built herself an impressive career alongside the legacy that extends her net worth to a staggering $12 million. Her big break came through being selected for Sports Illustrated magazine that also helped her pursuit her dreams as a swimsuit model, repping brands like Victoria’s secret and Adore Me.


#2 The journey of Nina Agdal

She was born in Hillered, Denmark and is currently 31 years old. She has been captivating fashion industry with her beauty and no wonder Logan Paul was also enamoured of her fiancé. She appeared on fashion brands like Vogue Mexico, Elle, Cosmopolitan, and CR, thereby flaunting her beauty. She also made it to the advertisements of Billabong, Victoria’s Secret PINK, and Macy’s.

#3 Nina Agdal has been an active name in entertainment ventures

If you are still wondering that a successful model should be in the movies, well Nina is not there to disappoint, she has already made her appearances in the movies of Don Juan and Entourage. She also featured in Carl’s Jr Hadree Super Bowl Ad during the 2013 Super Bowl.

#4 Has already started her own entrepreneurial journey

She has already shown it to the world that she is worthy of the business mindsets and going by that she has already started her own app that shows her working out from the Hamptons in Long Island.


#5 Dating history

Well, Logan Paul is just another addition to the long list of romantic interests of Nina Agdal. She has had relationships with iconic names like Adam Levine from Maroon 5, Joe Jonas, Max George, Leonardo Di Caprio and Jack Brinley-Cook.

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