Who Is Luke Sanders? All You Need To Know About WWE Star Becky Lynch’s Ex-Boyfriend

Putting the Hall of Famer to sleep inside a Steel Cage before Zoey Stark took her out again, the Man has been running riots in the WWE arcade as the Universe goes crazy every time Becky Lynch comes out to the center. She has kept the titan Tron up and running with a chorus that has always been sang out loud. Becky Lynch was once in a relationship with Luke Sanders.

Talking about Becky Lynch, another name that automatically comes into the frame is that of the Visionary, Seth Rollins. The Architect is another top name of the industry and is the current heavyweight champion of the world. Despite being threatened by Damian Priest continuously, Seth continued to fend off the challenges.

Here is why Becky Lynch and Luke Sanders broke up

Why does the two get named in the same breath over and over again? Well, the answer is that they are married in real life. Yes, a rockstar couple in the ring and a rockstar couple outside the ring as well, Seth and Becky have been raising the stakes like never before.



With all said and done, an obvious question that has been running around Becky is that before she got hitched to Seth Rollins who was the star whom she dated? Well, the answer doesn’t exactly lie with WWE. We will have to hit the octagons to find the answer.

In 2016, Becky Lynch has quite a dating history where she was with American UFC fighter, Luke Sanders. Sanders was one of the staples of the Bantamweight and Featherweight classes of the MMA circuit. Sanders was a part of the arcade for five years as he made his debut in 2016 while hanging the boots in 2021.

The duo did hit off straight away and were together for a while, but the relation had to kept away because both Sanders and Becky were on different ways of life. Sanders was on his path to become a full-time father for his daughter while Becky was touring the world to excel her wrestling career.


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