Who Is Kairi Sane? All You Need To Know About Japanese WWE Superstar

Kairi Sane, the sensational Japanese wrestling talent, took the WWE Universe by surprise with her recent return at Crown Jewel 2023. Her comeback had a significant impact on the Women’s Championship match between IYO Sky and Bianca Belair. During the intense bout, Bayley attempted to intervene from ringside, but the EST of WWE managed to fend her off successfully.

Unexpectedly, the beloved Kairi Sane reemerged and launched an attack on Bianca Belair. Her interference opened the door for a stunning moonsault from IYO Sky, ultimately resulting in Belair losing her coveted title opportunity. Following the match, IYO and Kairi shared a heartfelt embrace, leaving Bayley seemingly perplexed by their reunion.

For those unfamiliar with Kairi Sane’s remarkable journey, she initially stepped into the WWE spotlight in 2017 during the prestigious Mae Young Classic. Her undeniable talent led to a victorious campaign in the tournament’s finals against the formidable Shayna Baszler. Post her NXT debut, Kairi went on to partake in numerous memorable contests, including a partnership with Asuka as part of The Kabuki Warriors, which culminated in their triumph as WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions.


While her last appearance on WWE television dates back to 2020, where she secured a victory against SmackDown Women’s Champion Bayley in a non-title match, Kairi Sane opted to return to Japan, allowing her WWE contract to conclude. In the interim, she graced multiple wrestling promotions, featuring prominently in World Wonder Ring Stardom and NJPW. Her recent matchup against Mercedes Moné at Battle in the Valley demonstrated her prowess and versatility.

With Kairi Sane’s triumphant return to WWE after an almost three-year hiatus at Crown Jewel, fans are buzzing with anticipation, eager to discover the exciting path her reintegration into the Stamford-based promotion will pave.

What’s on the horizon for Kairi Sane following her return to Crown Jewel?

One potential trajectory could see Kairi Sane aligning herself with IYO Sky as the newest member of Damage CTRL. However, it’s worth noting that Bayley appeared bewildered by Kairi’s unexpected intervention during the match, hinting at potential conflicts within the faction involving the Women’s Champion and Bayley.



This intriguing development may eventually lead to Bayley’s expulsion from the faction in the near future. Moreover, Kairi’s return and her assistance to IYO Sky could foreshadow a future showdown between the two for the WWE Women’s title, with Kairi possibly betraying Sky as she distances herself from Bayley.

In conclusion, Kairi Sane’s return promises to inject a heightened sense of anticipation not only into the Women’s division but also into the ongoing narrative of Damage CTRL on SmackDown.


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