Who can be the two finalists for the Queen of the Ring 2024?

The tournament of WWE King and Queen of the Ring has already heated up and it’s just going from one fine end to the other. With big names thrown into the mix, particularly in the women’s section that has completely gone for a facelift under Triple H, expect a blockbuster finale to take the centerstage.

However, the most obvious question that looms large is with so many big names in the mix, who are going to be the eventual finalists for this grand contest? With the showdown slated to be in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, the Queen of the Ring is expected to bring out the very best in the women.

Here are two possible finalists of the WWE Queen of the Ring 2024 and that is purely based on us reading the storylines and how the ones lined up for a push can be heading forward.


#1 Nia Jax

Ever since Nia Jax has returned, she has acted as a massive lift-off for Rhea Ripley with being buried at her hands not once but twice. But was it just because she was not favoured to be at the receiving end of a perfect storyline or was it just because she was being reserved for something better. With Becky Lynch the champion, there will have to be someone who can enforce things in the women’s division without the title and that is Jax.

#2 Bianca Belair

The EST of the company, Bianca Belair has been a reckoning force. However, she has somehow been kept away from a title run for a long time. With the rise of Jade Cargill, WWE will be needing someone who can get the job done for them in terms of long-term rivalry. So maybe if they are putting Belair in the final at the expense of Cargill, they may have also have a storyline for the future.


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