Which WWE Superstar Was Told To Change His Hairstyle To Become World Champion?

The Showoff Dolph Ziggler once revealed the challenges he faced as he started in WWE. A particular challenge he faced was a very weird one. They told him that his hair was hindering his credibility as a legit main event competitor.


While speaking to talkSPORT in 2020, he revealed that while climbing to the pedestal in 2012, they told him that his hair was the reason they didn’t see him as a World Champion. This is the reason why he cut his hair very short and dyed it black back then. Apparently the creative didn’t like his blonde and long locks.

He says, “…I was told the reason I’m not credible for world championships – this is 10 years ago, maybe longer, whatever – the reason I’m not credible enough to be winning world championships is because of my hair…”


Ziggler was surprised that it wasn’t because of his in-ring skills, win/loss record or promo skills but his blonde hair. He recalls he then went to the ring and beat up Santino Marella after cutting and dyeing his hair. Dolph felt it was the dumbest thing he did and he didn’t want to do it. He argued with the creative that maybe he can include some of his shoot wrestling background into his new gimmick. But they just wanted the hairstyle change. However, later in three weeks they admitted they were wrong and the haircut was a bad idea.

He vented out further,“…hey, I should be out here tying people in knots, winning world titles, getting on the microphone, hopping on a jet, doing a press conference…They go, ‘Yeah, but… I dunno. We should just cut your hair.’”

How many times has Dolph Ziggler won the WWE Championship?

Dolph did win the big one, World Heavyweight championship, twice and it was with his long blonde goldilocks.



But he has never won the big one since then and has been on the sidelines, a mid-carder at best. Maybe it’s time he should cut it again. Maybe this time it works.

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