“Whether you agree or not, this has happened because of AEW”- Fans React To WWE Selling Out Arenas After Major Decline in 2019

WWE and AEW are two of the most popular pro wrestling companies in North America right now. WWE is the older one, having been a regular part of many fans’ lives for more than four decades, whereas Tony Khan’s All Elite Wrestling came into existence in 2019.

A majority of the WWE fans would agree that Vince McMahon drove the company into the ground in 2018/19, as far as wrestling storylines were concerned. WWE had a hard time selling tickets, even for premium live events. Back in June 2019, WWE struggled to fill up seats for the Stomping Grounds show.

It was at that time that AEW came around, and the quality of the initial AEW shows was so good that they built a hardcore fanbase quickly. Quite a few Superstars even requested release from WWE to work for AEW because of the lighter schedule and growing fanbase.


However, four years later in 2023, WWE is back to filling up arenas to full capacity, thanks to Triple H’s vision as the creative head. Be it Chicago, Nashville, Riyadh, San Juan or Hyderabad, WWE has made a habit of selling out arenas.

Did AEW push WWE to create a better product?

A popular X user posted an image from Stomping Grounds 2019 and compared it with the latest WWE RAW episode of November 2023. The arenas looked completely different with a lot more fans present to watch the shows live.

Replying to that user, another popular wrestling account on social media, Wrestle Tracker, stated that it was possible only because of AEW. Had AEW not come into existence, WWE would have continued to push meaningless storylines like Bobby Lashley-Lana-Rusev, The Ucey Hot vs Revival and Roman Reigns vs Dogs of War.


The statement drew mixed reactions from other fans on the platform. Here’s how fans reacted to it:



Vinay Chhabria is a cricket and WWE enthusiast who supports Roman Reigns and Gujarat Titans. He has been following cricket for the last 15 years and WWE since 2016.

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