“Where should I score runs? At my home?” Ahmed Shehzad angrily responds to Shahid Afridi’s advice on live TV debate

Ahmed Shehzad last played international cricket for Pakistan in the T20I series against Sri Lanka in 2019

Ahmed Shehzad is furious about the fact that nobody is providing him the opportunities to showcase his potential on big platforms, but everybody is just advising him to focus on his cricket and score runs. Where do they want him to score runs?


Ahmed Shehzad was in one of the panel discussions on SAMAA TV recently and the panel also had one of Pakistan’s former captains Shahid Afridi, under whom Shehzad played a lot of games.

In that panel discussion, Afridi insisted when he was in charge of the Pakistan team, he never shied away from giving opportunities to Shehzad because he thought Shehzad was one of the most talented openers in the country.


But, Shehzad, for some reason, didn’t like Afridi’s comments, to which Afridi responded again and asked him to just have fun in his life and score runs. That annoyed Shehzad even more and he asked Afridi to let everyone know when some of the PSL teams want to pick him in the draft, who stops them from picking him?

Shehzad asked Afridi if he is not playing international cricket and the PSL teams would be stopped from picking him, is there any other big platform where he can score a lot of runs? Because it’s only the performances on the big platforms which get talked about and grab the headlines.

Earlier Ramiz Raja had dismissed the complaints of Ahmed Shehzad calling it “frustration”

Ahmed Shehzad jokingly said he couldn’t be sitting at his house and scoring runs there, because that won’t matter. He has to be given opportunities on big platforms for him to be able to pave his way back to international cricket.


Shehzad had expressed his views on his mistreatment in Pakistan cricket a couple of weeks back too and when the PCB president Ramiz Raja was asked about it, he had played it down saying that the player is just “frustrated” and nothing else.


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