“Where Seth Rollins Is Hanging Around”- Bubba Ray Dudley Comes Up With A Wild Suggestion For Becky Lynch Vs Trish Stratus Feud

Becky Lynch vs Trish Stratus is the top rivalry in WWE right now. WWE Hall of Famer Bubba Ray Dudley has pitched a potential storyline between Trish Stratus and Seth Rollins. He was involved in many moments with Trish, years back, including powerbombing her through the table from the ropes once.

Trish Stratus recently attacked Becky Lynch on RAW after they lost their WWE Women’s Tag Team titles to Liv Morgan and Raquel Rodriguez. Stratus is yet to explain why she did that and has just joked about the whole incident on twitter. Also Lita was found hurt backstage and people are wondering if it’s Trish who had attacked her as well. Becky Lynch is Seth Rollins’ wife in real life and Bubba was giving his takes on why Trish attacked her.

Dudley was on the recent episode of the Busted Open podcast and gave his thoughts about Trish Stratus’s actions. He said, “…we’ll wait for Trish to answer the question — why.They’ll come up with something, ‘I was The Man before you were The Man, or you think you’re so great, you’re not better than me… There’s nothing personal between Becky and Trish.”


Bubba then described a scenario where Stratus can try to enchant Lynch’s husband, Seth Rollins, to get on her nerves. He said, “You wanna really make it personal? We know that Trish can be a bit of a temptress, right?…I don’t know, maybe have Trish hanging around where Seth Rollins is hanging around.”

Becky Lynch posts a cryptic tweet amid feud vs Trish Stratus

With Stratus and Rollins both married, this romantic extra-marital angle will be a bold move for WWE. The promotion has gone PG for numerous years now. But Trish was involved in many risqué WWE moments in the 90s and even 2000s so it won’t be unheard of. Her on-screen affairs with Vince McMahon, The Rock and even Mickie James, among others are still etched in our memories.



Ahead of the WWE RAW episode, Becky posted a cryptic tweet. She wrote that she will not appear on the upcoming episode of the Red brand.

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