Where can the possible big names go in this year’s WWE draft?

In less than a couple of days’ time, WWE will be going forth with a massive shakeup in between the brands and it goes by the technicality of WWE Draft and every year, there are countless speculations that build forth from here. Well, truth be told, these drafts also change the storyline drastically. It kind of snatches away existing faction members and put them on other stables and factions.

So as WWE 2024 draft is almost upon us here is the next possible location for the major superstars that can happen. Also, this is just a prediction and not something that would be happening hardline. Kind of reading the runes on this occasion.

Roman Reigns remains on SmackDown

The Tribal Chief will be remaining on SmackDown and there are no changes happening on this front at least. Despite Reigns being defeated, his presence itself kicks off countless storylines and face this, he is money.


Cody Rhodes remains on SmackDown

Another big name, another chapter for the American Nightmare and for the rivalry to continue, Cody will be sticking to SmackDown. The Bloodline story has been going through countless phases and this certainly is one of them. So in order to intensify and if needed, end it for once and for all, Cody’s residence in SmackDown is necessary.

AJ Styles moves to Raw

Styles have been putting up one fine showdown with LA Knight but his presence in the Raw will be making things a lot fresher for him and he can go all guns blazing hoping to be one of the main characters of the roster.

Drew McIntyre remains on Raw

The Scottish Pyschopath has been on a fine run of late and he is all set to kickstart a new rivalry with CM Punk. This means at the moment chances are on the lesser side that he is going anywhere. Punk is all set to rock and roll and so is Drew. When do they collide though is the next big question.


Jimmy Uso comes to SmackDown

After being brutalized by Tama Tonga and Solo Sikoa, Jimmy Uso will possibly be seeking a reunion with his brother, Main Event Jey Uso and that will be possibly happening on the blue brand. With all of that and a bit of brotherly love for everyone, you never know.

Becky Lynch moves to SmackDown

The Man who is also the Women’s champion now, will be hoping to put up a show in a new form, considering the fact that her rival, Rhea Ripley is now out of contest for a while. So just ensuring a bit of shake up, this can be a potential move.

Jade Cargill moves to Raw

Cargill is the next big thing in the Women’s division and this is her chance to take up the void that may be left by Becky and Rhea’s departure from Raw. She can be the storm and she can be the thunder too. Brace yourselves for this is something crazy that will be taking shape.


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