Where Are The Creed Brothers Of WWE NXT Right Now?

The Creed Brothers are a part of the WWE NXT roster right now. The tag team features two brothers, namely Brutus and Julius. Many fans have the question whether the Creed Brothers are actually related? The answer to that question is yes. Julius and Brutus are brothers in real life.


In case you didn’t know, the real name of Brutus Creed is Drew Kasper, while Julius Creed’s real name is Jacob Kasper. Brutus, who was born in 1996, is two years younger than Julius.

Over the last few months, the Creed Brothers have entertained the fans a lot with their performances on the NXT brand. They even defeated Pretty Deadly last year to become the NXT Tag Team Champions. In this article now, we will look at a few interesting things that fans should know about the Creed Brothers.


Creed Brothers WWE Age

Brutus Creed was born on May 13, 1996. As of this writing, Brutus is 27 years old. Julius Creed was born on October 3, 1994. He will celebrate his 29th birthday later this year in October.

  • Brutus Creed Age: 27 years
  • Julius Creed Age: 28 years

Are Creed Brothers real brothers?

Yes, Creed Brothers are siblings in real life. Brutus Creed is the younger brother of Julius Creed. The real names of Brutus and Julius are Drew and Jacob, respectively. They grew up wrestling together and have formed a great bonding as a tag team in WWE.

When will Creed Brothers debut on the main roster?

As of the Creed Brothers perform only on NXT. It is not known when they will join the main roster. Looking at their performances on NXT, it should not be a surprise if they join RAW or SmackDown in the near future.


Are Creed Brothers leaving NXT?

Creed Brothers are leaving NXT because they lost to The Dyad in a ‘Loser Leaves NXT’ match on July 4. Because of the stipulation of the match, the Creed Brothers have left NXT with immediate effect. They might debut on the main roster soon.


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