When Will WWE vs AEW Happen In 2022?

Fans are always excited to know the dates for WWE vs AEW clash. While there won’t be an inter-promotional show, there is a clash set to happen between the shows of these two promotions down the line in 2022.

World Wrestling Entertainment (more commonly known as WWE) has ruled the roost of sports entertainment since 2001, putting their rival promotion WCW out of business, and becoming the sole Wrestling Giant to captivate wrestling fans in the entire United States.

But everything changed in 2019, with the launch of a new upstart promotion, All Elite Wrestling (also known as AEW) by billionaire Tony Khan, who saw a new vision for the sports entertainment industry posing a severe threat to WWE since the Monday Night Wars.


In the three years of its existence, we have seen top WWE Superstars switch to the Land of All Elite in hopes of better career opportunities or being frustrated with the backstage politics or lack of creative freedom by the WWE management.


We have also seen WWE and AEW engage in direct competition in the famously dubbed ‘Wednesday Night Wars’ by the fans witnessing Tony Khan’s premiere show, AEW Dynamite competed with Triple H’s WWE NXT in head-to-head competition for television ratings.

However, the battle did not last for long as AEW Dynamite seemingly dominated NXT almost every single week and signaled the end of the short-lived war with WWE NXT moving to Tuesday Nights establishing AEW’s supremacy on Wednesday nights.

Update on a one-off WWE vs AEW war for 2022


But now the reports of this battle to reignite once again have emerged as AEW and NXT will face off directly against each other on October 18 on Tuesday night for the first time in over a year. Wrestling Journalist Dave Meltzer discussed the upcoming head-to-head competition between AEW and NXT and forced scheduling changes for both brands in the near future:

“AEW and WWE are both gonna have dates changed because of the upcoming Major League Baseball playoffs. It’s not gonna affect anything until mid-October, but there will be an October 18 head-to-head on Tuesday with Dynamite from Cincinnati and NXT. The first time they’ve gone head-to-head in over a year.”

With The Game Triple H now overlooking the creative control for all WWE brands, we will have to wait and see if NXT matches up to AEW this time in the head-to-head battle and is able to surpass the rival promotion in the TV ratings.


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