“What Rohit Sharma did to Dinesh Karthik was good,” Robin Uthappa liked Indian captain’s warning to Dinesh Karthik in the first T20I against Australia

Dinesh Karthik didn't appeal with too much enthusiasm after taking Glenn Maxwell's catch and the on-field umpire ruled the batsman not out

The former Indian opening batsman Robin Uthappa, who works as a commentator for Star Sports now, is of the opinion that the Indian captain Rohit Sharma did well by warning Dinesh Karthik to be switched on during the first T20I between India and Australia.


Dinesh Karthik has this tendency of not appealing too hard for the catches that he takes behind the stumps, which is surprising because sometimes the edges have been quite clear and there has also been deflection of the ball, but Karthik doesn’t appeal too hard.

In the first T20I between India and Australia in Mohali, it happened twice that the batsman edged the ball behind the stumps, Karthik took the catch, but he didn’t appeal with as much enthusiasm as the other keepers would generally do and on both the occasions, the umpire gave it not out.


Rohit Sharma had to use the DRS twice to get the decision in his favor and he was not happy with Karthik’s reaction after taking the catches at all. Rohit jokingly grabbed Karthik’s neck on the ground as if two friends were fighting in backyard cricket. While some people on social media saw the lighter side of it, some didn’t like the fact that Rohit behaved like that with a senior player.

Dinesh Karthik sometimes gets relaxed: Robin Uthappa

According to Robin Uthappa, it was good that the captain reminded the player that he had to appeal hard for the catches if there was a potential nick in consideration. Karthik is the kind of character who sometimes gets a little bit relaxed behind the stumps, which is something that the wicketkeepers can’t afford to do.



Unlike Karthik, Rishabh Pant, who is India’s second choice wicketkeeper in T20I cricket at the moment, is a very energetic character and with him, there is never a question of getting relaxed behind the stumps.


I write a bit on cricket and I am more interested in technical and tactical side of the game, rather than bravado.

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