What is the new “impact player rule” that might be used in IPL 2023?

Impact player rule will first be tested in the upcoming Syed Mushtaq Ali trophy and if successful, it will be used in IPL 2023

The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has decided to introduce a new “impact player rule” in the upcoming Syed Mushtaq Ali trophy this season and if the rule happens to be successful in India’s top-tier domestic T20 tournament, it might then be implemented in IPL 2023 as well.

Many fans would be wondering what exactly is this impact player rule and how will a team be able to use it during the games. First of all, BCCI has made it clear that the impact player rule isn’t mandatory for any team and if the teams want, they might opt not to use the rule at all.

The impact player will basically be a substitute player for another player who will start playing XI. The teams will have to name 15 players at the toss, 11 who will be starting, and 4 from whom one substitute player will be selected if needed.


The name of the player, who will be picked as the substitute during the game, will have to be conveyed to the fourth umpire by either the captain of the team or the coach, or the manager. The substitution can be made before the 14th over of either inning, not after that.

The impact player rule will allow one substitution for each team

Only one substitution will be allowed for each team and the substitution doesn’t have to be like-for-like replacements. Any player can be substituted for any player. The substitution can also be made for the batsman who is dismissed or the bowler who has bowled his full quota of overs.

By using this rule of substitution, the teams will avail the services of an extra batsman or an extra bowler, but do they want an extra batsman or an extra bowler and when do they want that substitution to happen? Do they want it in the first or in the second innings of the game and if the allowance of substitution affects their starting XI, these are the decisions the teams will have to make.



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