​What Is British Round Rules Match: Full list of Rules for NXT Heritage Cup Final

The NXT Heritage Cup would be back and this is going to be a blockbuster event, particularly keeping in mind that this will be played under the British Rounds rules and that is a jargon that is leaving the fans baffled ahead of the next PPV for the NXT brand, the developmental brand of WWE.


It started back on September 10th, 2020 where WWE announced the relaunch of NXT UK, coming back from the hiatus that was forced by the pandemic. The Heritage Cup was supposed to continue and bring the UK edition of wrestlers to the main brand. Unfortunately, things came to a halt during Covid. But now that it is up and running again, here are a few things that you need to know about the tournament and what exactly are the British Round Rules that should be followed.

#1 Round durations in British Round Rules Match

Every match consists of six rounds that would last for three minutes and will have a 20-seconds break in between.


#2 How can the winner be determined in a British Round Rules Match?

It is a 2-out-of-3 falls match and the one who pulls the pin or submission fastest in the game twice would be the winner of this battle.

#3 Determination of the winner in a British Round Rules Match

The matches can be won via pinfall, submission or countout, the three basic rules of a wrestling vie.

#4 Results

Ideally as soon as a fall occurs, that round would end. It would not continue until the stipulation of the 3rd minute.


#5 When does the match end in a British Round Rules Match?

As soon a wrestler secures the two falls, the match would end. There is no second chance for the opponent to seize a turnaround or the six rounds would not apply.

#6 What if there is a TKO or disqualification?

In case of a TKO or disqualification, there is no second thought of the match continuing. It finishes then and there and no number of rounds would be questioned.

#7 What if all the six rounds are exhausted?

In case if all the six rounds are exhausted and the established margin of 2-1 is not achieved, then the one who has the upper hand until then in terms of pinfalls win.


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