Watch: Rajasthan Royals tweet funny video to welcome two new teams to the IPL

The social media accounts of Rajasthan Royals are very popular among the fans

Rajasthan Royals have come up with an interesting video to welcome two new franchises to the Indian Premier League (IPL). BCCI has decided to expand the IPL from next season onwards and two new franchises have been sold at an insane price to make IPL a 10-team league from 2022.

Rajasthan Royals used the introductory song of an Indian daily soap “Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi” where the head of the family can be seen welcoming new people to the house and introducing them to the existing members of the house.

The way the teams have been shown in the video through roles of different characters is very interesting. Almost all the teams have been shown as the characters who are in the house without being too competitive and then CSK and Mumbai Indians at the end have been shown as two brothers who are ready to get into an intense fight, before the head of the house (BCCI) comes along to stop the fight.


People are really liking this funny and classy video posted by Rajasthan Royals

It’s a genuinely funny and at the same time, classy video as well. The reason why CSK and Mumbai Indians have been shown like that at the end of the video is because these two teams have won the league 9 out of the 14 times so far. While CSK has won the championship 4 times, Mumbai Indians are the most successful team in the championship with a total of 5 title triumphs.

With two new teams coming into the IPL now, there are a lot of discussions over the possible new format of the IPL as well. If the reports are to be believed, the teams might be divided into two groups of 5 teams each, where the teams will play 2 matches each against all teams of their group, 1 match each against 4 teams of the other group and then 2 matches against the 5th team of the other group. It will be a slightly more complicated format than the usual round robin format.




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