Watch: Batter Gives Epic Reply To Bowler’s Wicket Celebration After Hitting A 6

Fans have always enjoyed watching bowler’s wicket celebration in the middle. Shaheen Shah Afridi has his own style, Mohammad Siraj has his unique style, while Imran Tahir has his style. One player who has made bowler’s wicket celebration more popular is Tabraiz Shamsi. He has done many tricks after taking wickets in the middle.

It seems like Shamsi’s celebrations have reached Europe also because in a recent match in ECL T10 League, a bowler replicated his celebration style of dialing a phone number on the shoe after bagging a batter’s wicket. The batter went a step ahead of him. The player who was at the non-striker’s end at that time came on strike and hit the bowler for a six and gave it back to the bowler with his own celebration.

This incident happened in a match between Tunbridge Wells and Dreux in the ECL T10 league. Wahid Abbas, the bowler, dismissed a batter named Marcus O’Riordan by rattling his stumps. Following the trend of bowler’s wicket celebration, Abbas took off his shoe and acted like dialing a number.


Soon after, the batter who was at non-striker’s end at that time, Chris Williams, then came on strike and smashed Abbas for a six. He then gave it back and celebrated in his own way. You can watch the video here:

Virat Kohli once gave epic reply to bowler’s wicket celebration

This back and forth reminded fans of the incident involving Kesrick Williams and Virat Kohli. At that time, Kesrick celebrated with his trademark style of Notebook celebration after dismissing Kohli in a T20I match.

After some time, Kohli gave it back to him with a Notebook Celebration of his own. It happened after he hit a six off Kesrick’s bowling. However, the difference in this incident is that the non-striker gave the reply to the bowler.



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