Virat Kohli says RCB’s current squad is the most balanced squad since 2016

Virat Kohli believes RCB’s current squad is their most balanced squad since 2016.

RCB has failed to reach the IPL playoffs since the 2016 season where they had made their way to the final and were only inches away from lifting their first ever IPL title.

RCB couldn’t build onto that campaign next season and their performance, in the last couple of seasons, has been on a steep downslide. However, Kohli is really happy with the kind of players he has got at his disposal for IPL 2020.


Virat Kohli believes RCB squad is really calm before IPL 2020

Virat Kohli insists it’s not just the skill-set of the squad, but a lot of other things are also different about RCB this season. According to Kohli, the squad is really “calm” going into the IPL this time around as compared to the previous seasons.

In Kohli’s opinion, just because RCB has got quality players, people always have a lot of expectations and the players might have carried the weight of those expectations in the past which might have added a bit more pressure on them. But, this season, everyone is coming with a fresh mind and nobody is carrying any baggage of the past.


Kohli says he himself is coming with a very relaxed approach and even AB de Villiers, who is the second most vital player in the RCB squad, has been enjoying his life away from cricket and is in a great frame of mind now to go out on the field and start performing.

“It’s about disconnecting with things that have happened in the past and not taking that baggage. We’ve done that way too many times,” Kohli said while talking to RCB TV.

“Just because we have a bunch of players who are so skilled and people like seeing them play, that’s why people have had expectations. We’re not going to think of what-ifs, we know what we can do, we’re very keen and hungry to do it,” Kohli furher added.


Kohli also believes IPL 2020 might not be as hectic for the players as the past editions of the tournament as they wouldn’t have to travel a lot.


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