Velveteen Dream squashes latest rumours of visit to Performance Center

There are high rumours going around which states that former Velveteen Dream, Patrick Clark have paid a visit to the WWE Performance Center hoping to find a re-entry. However, as far as the latest official update stands, it states that the industry has no interest in signing the fallen superhero.

X User Boozer Raslin made a claim on Tuesday which stated that Dream was going through therapy and was progressing well enough to re-enter the hall of glory and get himself a path. However, the higher-ups in Stamford, California and Orlando has made it clear that Clark didn’t go the Performance Center of late.

Here is what Velveteen Dream had to say about his visit to Performance Center

In fact Clark took to Instagram himself to clear the rumours, stating, “I AM NOT IN A REHABILITATION FACILITY NOR HAVE I VISITED ORLANDO FLORIDA – THE WWE PERFORMANCE CENTER -OR ANY WWE EVENTS OR FACILITIES I encourage all wrestling media and platforms to highlight the women and men who put together awesome weekly television! And not waste time publishing and pushing false narratives and fake news about me! I haven’t contributed anything to your line of entertainment in YEARS!”


Fightful Select spoke to another top brass of WWE who also claimed that the industry had no interest in bringing back Clark considering his past records. They also mentioned that it will need a lot more to make Velveteen Dream reappear on the WWE Roster, a scared shrine that he has desecrated.

Another official said that unless there is something drastic happening at WWE, after what happened in the industry, Dream won’t be getting his job back. He also mentioned that he wasn’t there at the junction where they believe that the madness happened but he made it clear that Performance Center isn’t a place to chill.

It was in May 2021, when WWE released Clark after investigating a sexual misconduct that was carried by the Dream as per the reports of the industry. However, a few believe that it may have been a fabricated report.

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