Twitter reacts as Virat Kohli discloses the events leading up to his sacking as India’s white ball captain

White ball captaincy was taken away from Virat Kohli a week ago

Indian test captain Virat Kohli has denied the comments of the BCCI president Sourav Ganguly where he had said that Kohli was requested by the BCCI not to resign as the T20I captain, but he resigned, which then led to the decision of selectors removing him as ODI captain as well.

Kohli talked to the media for the first time since his removal as ODI captain and he clearly stated that the things that have been said about the circumstances in which he left the captaincy are not accurate, because when he conveyed to the board that he wanted to leave T20I captaincy, the board actually welcomed the decision.

Kohli revealed that the board told him that his decision was a “progressive” decision. At no point of time did the BCCI president give him any hint whatsoever that they wanted him to continue as T20I captain of India.


This has now created a strange situation in Indian cricket, where an Indian captain has basically completely contradicted the statement of the BCCI president, who only a couple of days ago said that the board had no plans to change the white ball captaincy if Kohli hadn’t resigned.

After Virat Kohli’s statement, the fans are now demanding a clarification from BCCI as to how the BCCI president tried to set a completely false narrative when in reality the board actually welcomed Kohli’s resignation from T20I captaincy and used it as a stepping stone to sack him as ODI captain as well.

BCCI might release a statement on comments made by Virat Kohli

It is being reported that BCCI might come with a statement by evening to clarify things on the matter, but the board at the moment has to take severe criticism from the fans. More than the sacking of Kohli as a captain, the fans are angry about the manner of sacking and the build-up to it.


Virat Kohli also insisted in the press conference that he had let the board know at the time of his resignation as T20I captain that he wanted to continue as the ODI and the test captain.

Twitter users, who were a little itchy anyway that BCCI had announced Kohli’s removal as captain with a tweet and not with a tribute as one would expect for an outgoing skipper, lost their temper as they heard the entire saga from Kohli himself. Here is how Twitter reacted at Kohli’s press conference –




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