Twitter reacts as Virat Kohli bowls in the second warm up game against Australia

India wanted to try some part timers including Virat Kohli in the second warm up game

The Indian captain Virat Kohli surprisingly rolled his arm over in the second warm-up match ahead of the T20 World Cup against Australia and that sent Twitter into a frenzy.

People really enjoyed the fact that Virat Kohli was bowling after such a long while and to many people’s surprise, he bowled two economical overs against two of the dangerous players, Steve Smith and Glenn Maxwell.

It was actually the Indian vice-captain Rohit Sharma who came out for the toss today and he said at the time of the toss that India might try some part-time bowlers today including himself and the permanent captain Kohli.


And as Rohit said, he brought Kohli into the attack after the powerplay overs to bowl his military medium pace. Although Kohli was bowling after a long gap, he seemed to get his areas right straight away and the batters found it hard to get under the ball to play the lofted shots.

Virat Kohli used to describe himself as a “quick bowler” during his U19 days

When Virat Kohli was the U19 captain of India, he used to bowl quite a bit, and he used to describe himself as the right arm “quick bowler” at that time. So, when he came on to bowl today, Twitter users cracked some jokes on that.

The reason why India has had to try the part-timers ahead of the T20 World Cup is that their premier all-rounder Hardik Pandya is not bowling yet and because of the fact that he is not bowling, India wants some options in case the 6th bowler is needed during games of super 12 round.


Virat Kohli was the only part-timer India tried today. The part-timers would actually not be bowling during the super 12 games if there isn’t an absolute desperate need. Because India will go into all the games with 5 bowlers anyway, most of the time, they will look to complete the quotas of those 5 bowlers, rather than looking for a 6th bowler. However, if the need arises, they want their part-timers ready.

Here are some of the interesting tweets which surfaced when Virat Kohli came on to bowl in the warm-up game against Australia today –






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