Twitter comes up with hilarious reactions as spider cam got stuck during India Vs NZ test match

The on-field umpires had to take an early tea because of spider cam getting stuck

You would have heard about umpires opting for an early tea in a test match because of bad light or rain or even due to wet outfield on a few occasions, but hardly would you have ever heard about umpires opting for an early tea due to spider cam (spidey).

But, it happened on the third day of the ongoing test match between India and New Zealand at the Wankhede Stadium. When New Zealand came out to bat in the fourth innings in pursuit of the humongous target set by India, they lost Tom Latham’s wicket cheaply and then the spider cam got stuck on top of the ground.

The spider cam is generally used over the playing area after the fall of a wicket or during other times as well to get a picturesque view and it is taken away as soon as the play resumes, but when it was brought over the playing area after Latham’s wicket, it just got stuck and couldn’t be moved afterwards.


Since it was close to the tea, the on-field umpires came to the decision that it would probably be right to take the players off for an early tea so that the broadcasters would have enough time to take the spider cam away. Everyone had a chuckle over the situation and the Indian players even had a little bit of fun with the cam as it had got very close to the ground level.

Spider cam had caused a controversy in the IPL final too

There have been controversies in cricket games before because of the spidey and none more recent than the IPL final where Shubman Gill was declared not out when his catch was held by the CSK fielder Ambati Rayudu after the ball had already hit the wire attached to the spidey.

The spidey was over the ground at that point of time and the CSK captain MS Dhoni was visibly furious with what panned out when Shubman Gill’s catch went up in the air.


While the spidey didn’t cause any obstruction in play during the Wankhede test match, it still got very close to the ground while the players were celebrating Tom Latham’s wicket and eventually couldn’t be brought up because of some issues with the set up.

The problem was later resolved as the play started without any hindrance after the tea. However, Twitter users came up with funny reactions when the spider cam caused an early tea in the test match –






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