Trish Stratus Picks Her Mount Rushmore Of WWE Women’s Wrestlers, Leaves Out Lita

WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus has turned herself into even more of a legend than she was already. Stratus has positioned herself all-alone on the Mount Rushmore of Women’s wrestling.

Trish Stratus and Becky Lynch lost the Women’s Tag Team titles to Raquel Rodriguez and Liv Morgan on the April 10th episode of RAW. Trish had replaced an injured Lita for her spot in the match. She was pinned by Morgan. After losing the match, Trish attacked her partner Becky, turning heel in the process.

During this week’s RAW, Trish claimed for being responsible for women’s revolution and said that Becky didn’t respect her. Stratus declared that she had returned to make sure nobody forgets she is the best of all time. She said, “I’m not a nostalgia act. I’m not your childhood fantasy and I damn sure am nobody’s sidekick. I am the most important figure in the history of WWE and I am here to make sure none of you forget it,” Trish also revealed that she was the one who attacked Lita.


Which Superstar is present on the Mount Rushmore of Trish Stratus?

On twitter, WWE on FOX recently asked the WWE Universe, who deserved a place on the Mount Rushmore of Women’s Superstars. The Canadian heel superstar had an epic response to this. She named herself and only herself for the list.

She tweeted, “1. Me 2. Me 3. Me 4. Me #MountTrishmore,” Hilariously she Even renamed Mount Rushmore to Mount Trishmore.

The 47-year old may be playing the cocky heel right now, she does deserve a place on the mountain. In a career spanning almost two decades she has done it all. She is a 7-time WWE Women’s champion and was Diva of the Decade in 2003. Trish was even ranked No. 1 of the top 50 Greatest WWE Female Superstars of all time.


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