Top Five reactions to the ESL announcement

Leading clubs from Europe’s top three leagues announced a new breakaway competition called the “European Super League”. This tournament is considered to be the brainchild of Real Madrid and Manchester United. The competition’s format will allow founding members to retain their places instead of qualification based on sporting merit. Since the announcement, the competition and the clubs involved have faced widespread criticism. Here are the top five reactions to the announcement of European Super League.


#5 Neville’s impassionate rant on European Super League

Gary Neville has always been very open about his criticism of the way Manchester United was run but ESL announcement took his anger to the next level. He ripped apart the Glazers who own Manchester United calling them ‘scavengers’ and called them to be booted out of Old Trafford. He also called ESL as an attack by six wealthy families on the footballing integrity of a country.

Neville said he believed Jürgen Klopp and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer are men of integrity, and they would never fully back such claims. He also claimed that Manchester City will be the first to drop out as its owners does not need this money.


#4 Boris Johnson’s vow

Arguably the most important opinion of the lot, UK PM Boris Johnson assured the fans of football that he will not let English clubs participate in ESL. His reaction came moments after the UK culture secretary announced a full review of football in England. Oliver Dowden added that there are huge possibilities of a complete revamp of the English football structure. Boris Johnson has the authority to pass a legislation to prevent the big six clubs from joining the European Super League.

#3 Elland Road protest

Protests by Leeds United fans when Liverpool entered the city for their Premier League match showed how much the fans disliked the idea of ESL. Many Leeds fans were wearing “Earn it” to demonstrate that Liverpool needs to earn their rights to playing amongst the best. Some angry fans also burned Liverpool shirts which did not go well with Jürgen Klopp.

This protest is a start of many and the situation will be even severe once football grounds allow supporters. Fan unrest over ESL overshadowed the game which ended in a draw as Mane scored for the visiting side


#2 Klopp’s fury on European Super League

In 2016, Klopp openly raised his voice against ESL and on Monday he reiterated his opinion saying he did not like the idea. But he was visibly angry over the things he had seen on his way to the stadium and stated that no one needs to remind that he has to compete and win.

He lost his cool after the game when asked about Garry Neville’s “You will never walk alone” comments. Klopp said that Neville needs to stop blaming Liverpool FC for everything and added that Liverpool slogans should not be mocked on national television.

#1 Ceferin promises revenge

In the middle of all this mess, it is Alexsander Ceferin, UEFA president, who has been made to look like a joker. Ceferin claimed Agnelli spoke to him over the phone days before the announcement and promised him there were no talks of a European Super League. He stated Agnelli had stabbed him in the back and added Agnelli and Woodward were ‘Snakes’.


Ceferin confirmed that clubs participating in the ESL will be banned from UEFA competitions this season. Ceferin’s outburst is totally justified as he is also the godfather of Agnelli’s daughter.

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