Top 8 Richest WWE Superstars in 2023

Who are the richest WWE Superstars? The WWE, with its global reach and immense popularity, has produced some of the wealthiest and most successful professional wrestlers in the world.

These superstars not only earn substantial income from their in-ring performances but also rake in big bucks through movies, endorsements, and other ventures.

Here’s a look at the top 8 richest WWE superstars in 2023:

1. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson:


  • Net Worth: $820 million
  • Known for his incredible versatility as an actor, producer, businessman, former football player, and legendary professional wrestler, The Rock is one of the wealthiest WWE superstars.

2. The Undertaker (Mark William Calaway):

  • Net Worth: $17 million
  • Regarded as one of the greatest professional wrestlers of all time, The Undertaker has amassed considerable wealth during his iconic career.

3. Hulk Hogan (Terry Gene Bollea):

  • Net Worth: $25 million
  • Hulk Hogan’s status as a global wrestling icon and his involvement in various business ventures have contributed to his wealth.

4. Stone Cold Steve Austin (Steve Austin):

  • Net Worth: $30 million
  • Stone Cold Steve Austin’s legendary wrestling career and media ventures have solidified his position among the richest WWE superstars.

5. John Cena (John Felix Anthony Cena Jr.):

  • Net Worth: $65 million
  • John Cena, a multi-talented figure in wrestling, acting, and music, has built an impressive net worth over the years.

6. Stephanie McMahon:

  • Net Worth: $150 million
  • As the daughter of WWE Chairman Vince McMahon and a key executive in the company, Stephanie McMahon has a substantial net worth.

7. Triple H (Paul Levesque):

  • Net Worth: $170 million
  • Triple H, now an executive in WWE, enjoyed a storied wrestling career and continues to play a pivotal role in the company.

8. Brock Lesnar: –

  • Net Worth: $25 million
  • Brock Lesnar’s reign as a WWE world champion and his endorsements have contributed to his considerable wealth.

These WWE superstars have not only made a mark in the wrestling world but have also amassed substantial fortunes, making them some of the richest and most successful individuals in the industry.


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