Top 4 craziest things done by Ricochet in WWE matches

Ricochet is one of the most impressive high-flying WWE superstars of the modern era. From his amazing flips to breathtaking moves, the man dubbed as ‘The Highlight of the Night’ has amazed the audience with his skills in the ring.

Moreover, there have been more than one instance in which WWE superstars have almost killed off the former WWE Intercontinental champion, not in the literal sense but by the sight of Ricochet selling those moves. Here are four of those instances when Ricochet sold WWE moves like no one else:

1. Match Against Samoa Joe- WWE Stomping Grounds

Ricochet is no stranger to going up against stronger and more dominant opponents. He faced off against the dominant Samoa Joe at WWE Stomping Grounds in an exciting matchup for the new pay-per-view show.



While the match had the fans invested, a memorable spot saw Joe grabbing his leg and flipping him over with Ricochet landing on the mat in epic fashion that left the fans stunned.

2. Match Against Drew Mcintyre- WWE SmackDown

Much like Samoa Joe, Ricochet once engaged in a hard-fought match against The Scottish Warrior Drew McIntyre on SmackDown.

The high-flying star was in the perfect position to connect a moonsault only to land a thunderous Claymore kick to his face upon the reverse movement in a spectacular sell.


3. Match Against Cedric Alexander- WWE RAW

During WWE’s Thunderdome era, Ricochet squared off against Cedric Alexander. The two highly agile stars put up an enthralling match together.

However, it was the impact of the Lumbercheck by Alexander on Ricochet’s back and the impact he sold became a highlight for that night.

4. Match Against Gunther- WWE SmackDown

On an edition of SmackDown, Ricochet defended his WWE Intercontinental title against the dominant Gunther.



The match was not only the sight for the beginning of Gunther’s longest reign in history but also remembered for Ricochet selling a smashing clothesline by Gunther in amazing fashion.

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