“They Don’t Want Entertainment Anymore”- Former WWE Writer skeptical about the success of Uncle Howdy’s faction

The impending return of Uncle Howdy and his faction, rumored to be called Wyatt 6, has finally emerged from the shadows on the latest edition of Monday Night RAW. However, a former WWE writer believed that it would be difficult to bring other members into the limelight as Legitimate threats in WWE.

During the recent episode of Legion of RAW, former WWE head writer Vince Russo stated that getting The Wyatt cohorts over would be difficult. Russo suggested that the company probably wanted to like to see if the fanbase would be open to an entertainment-heavy faction on live television programming.

What did Vince Russo say about Wyatt Sicks and Uncle Howdy?

Furthermore, Vince also felt that even if things were not able to make an impact as they had envisioned with Uncle Howdy and Wyatt 6, WWE would still be content that they had put their best efforts into the storyline and the characters involved.


“Unless you go to the extremes, there is no way to pull this off. Hold on, with that being said, could the WWE be purposely doing this? Because when it doesn’t work in three or four weeks, ‘Guys times have changed, they don’t want it. They don’t want entertainment anymore.'”

“I’m telling you. Does this shut the critics up? ‘We tried it and nobody wanted it. They want wrestling, times have changed.’ I’m telling you. I’m a writer, I don’t know how you pull this off,” he added.


Uncle Howdy and his faction returned at the end of RAW, making a huge impact. Many Bray Wyatt references, including the lights going off, familiar sounds, and antics, were visibly present as the stable hopes to carry on Bray’s legacy with his younger brother, Bo Dallas, portraying Uncle Howdy leading the charge.

With The Wyatt 6 finally emerging in front of the audience, it remains to be seen if they can live up to their hype and exceed the expectations bestowed upon them.


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