“They didn’t expect this backlash for the Rock”, Twitter goes berserk as rumored video of the crowd being muted surfaces during Cody Rhodes vs Nakamura

The WWE Universe is going berserk with the latest development where the Rock will be fighting Roman Reigns even though nothing concrete has come out of it. WWE is still contemplating the decision to pit these two, especially after the raucous response that the fans have come up with. Not only is social media aghast at the decision of WWE putting in a part-timer but even the ringsides have been roaring with chants that WWE possibly would like to steer clear of.

In the midst of all the chaos that was sparked by the lawsuit, a new video has resurfaced where the user on X claims that WWE muted the “Rocky sucks” chants. Well, it exactly isn’t confirmed whether that video itself was doctored or not but truth be told, it may also be true going by the current circumstances.

It all started with Cody Rhodes winning the Royal Rumble twice in a row and became only the second individual to bag the award. It goes without a saying that the one who wins Royal Rumble also gets a shot at the prized title at Wrestlemania. However with two titles in place, Seth Rollins did try and persuade Cody to challenge him for the title but then it wasn’t enough for the American Nightmare to take the decision.


Here is what Twitter had to say about the Rock taking over main-eventing Wrestlemania

Cody did come face to face with Roman Reigns and somehow admitted that he will go after him for sure but not at Wrestlemania. Following that promo, the Rock came out and the entire WWE Universe simply hated it. If there is one thing that they absolutely love now is Cody Rhodes and being honest, for the first time in the last decade, WWE has a few faces that are coming together to rock the showdown. Cody, Drew, CM Punk, Seth and Randy are absolutely bringing the fire to the party.

As the fans are not ready to take the change in affairs, in the latest episode of Raw where Cody was fighting Nakamura, the fans started chanting “Rocky Sucks”! And this is exactly where it gets dark enough. Twitter took their opportunity and loaded out their vitriol for the Great One after Cody being sidelined.

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