Thea Hail Boyfriend: Who Is WWE star Thea Hail Dating?

The relationship between two WWE stars is something that has been happening since ages and Thea Hail, one of the rising NXT stars has been making quite the news for her love life alongside her work life. Well, she actually combines both in the same breath. How? The answer is simple, she is dating someone from the NXT roster itself and in this story, you will know whom.

Born as Maddey Knisley, she started her wrestling career under the ring name of Nikita Knight from which she switched to Thea Hail. However, her wrestling career came after eleven years being in gymnastics which also made a six-time state champion in state vault.

Her wrestling career did see the dark alleyways where she would fight on independent circuits under the ring name of Nikita Knight, which include a certain stint for AEW Dark as well.


Here is what you need about the romantic interest of Thea Hail

Knisley signed for WWE in March 2022 and made her debut on the April 8th, 2022, episode of NXT Level Up where she sucked up a defeat against Ivy Nile. Her arsenal of finishing moves includes quite a handful of names which makes her the deadly wrestler that she is.

Her signature moves are Kimura, Hangman’s face buster, tilt a Whirl DDT, Standing Moonsault, Dropkick, Running Corkscrew Neck breaker and Springboard Back Senton.

Well, here is what her dating life looks like as it has been very obscured from public attention. She has been dating fellow NXT star, Nathan Frazer. Not much is known about their private life but the couple is frequently seen together while Frazer posted a snap where the couple were celebrating their anniversary.


Frazer has been in the ring for longer than his counterpart as he has been sporting in the NXT ring since 2018. He also joined NXT UK and later moved to NXT 2.0.

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