The Rock Reveals His Pro Wrestling Mount Rushmore, Ignores CM Punk

The People’s Champ, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, is never one to shy away from sharing his insights on Twitter, and when a fan engagement post by Fite TV prompted fans to assemble their ‘pro wrestling Mount Rushmore,’ The Rock couldn’t resist offering his own iconic perspective.


The Brahma Bull was quick to respond with his top three choices, placing legendary figures in the wrestling world at the forefront. According to The Rock, the first three spots on his Mount Rushmore belong to Hulk Hogan, Stone Cold Steve Austin, and Ric Flair.

However, the fourth spot on this prestigious mountain proved to be a conundrum, as The Rock playfully declared it a three-way tie. In this category, the names in contention were none other than The Undertaker, Pat Patterson, and Jackie Fargo.


The Rock named his Mount Rushmore on X

To add a humorous twist, The Rock included himself and the late Dusty Rhodes as “the back of Mt. Rushmore droppin’ devastating elbows, baby.”


These selections hold a unique significance for The Rock, reflecting his interactions and experiences with these legends during his illustrious wrestling career. Hogan and The Rock famously squared off in a highly memorable WrestleMania match, while his intense rivalry with Steve Austin remains etched in WWE history.

The Rock’s encounter with Ric Flair occurred during a tag match at WrestleMania 20, and while The Undertaker and he had numerous battles inside the squared circle, his admiration for The Phenom has always been evident.

Considered a key player in WWE history, the late Pat Patterson was crucial to The Rock’s early career. Even though he may not be as well-known to fans now, Jackie Fargo remains a beloved part of wrestling history, particularly in the NWA.


In commemoration of these iconic wrestling personalities, The Rock pays tribute to their significant contributions to the sport, their impact on his own career, and their status as squared circle icons.

The Rock is a notable need on various wrestling Mount Rushmores because to his remarkable successes and lasting influence on the sports entertainment business.


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