The Real Motive Behind Jey Uso’s Move to WWE RAW Revealed

WWE fans have been speculating about the real motive behind the move ever since Cody Rhodes made the unexpected announcement of Jey Uso’s entrance on Monday Night RAW. It appears like the veil has now been lifted, exposing the motivation behind this choice.

Jey Uso’s ascent in the WWE has been nothing short of spectacular. The former tag team champion garnered widespread acclaim for his role in The Bloodline’s captivating storyline. And he’s shown no signs of slowing down.

According to insider reports from Fightful Select, the recent storyline involving The Bloodline was a carefully crafted plan to elevate Jey Uso into the realm of singles stardom. His migration to RAW was a deliberate move in this calculated journey. Sources suggest that long-term strategies have already been set in motion, and fans can anticipate seeing the former Bloodline member take a prominent place on television for at least the next two months.



WWE officials are not merely content but exhilarated by the electrifying reactions Jey Uso has been generating from the audience. His transformation from a tag team specialist into a captivating singles competitor is a testament to his unrivaled talent and unwavering commitment. Without a doubt, the future holds boundless promise for him.

Who will be Jey Uso’s next opponent in WWE?

Currently embroiled in a heated rivalry with The Judgment Day, Jey Uso’s path crossed with the faction when Dominik Mysterio attempted to recruit him. The Judgment Day even intervened in his match against Drew McIntyre, a move that ultimately backfired as Drew emerged victorious.

Uso subsequently declined their offer and retaliated by launching attacks against The Judgment Day members. WWE has tantalizingly teased the possibility of a love triangle storyline featuring Uso, Mysterio, and Rhea Ripley.


“Dirty” Dom and Jey Uso have been delighting fans on social media by joking around about a potential battle in the upcoming weeks. Jey Uso’s rise to the top of Monday Night RAW may be made possible by a victory over the North American Champion.


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