The Impact of Weather and Pitch Conditions on Fantasy Cricket


It’s easy to assume that the cricket field is dominated by batters, bowlers, and keepers. Nevertheless, much more is occurring behind the scenes than meets the eye. Things like the coach’s efforts, the selectors’ endless discussions, and, obviously, the cricket pitch. The cricket pitch is the single most important factor in determining the final result of a game. 

Real-world cricket matches aren’t the only ones where understanding the pitch conditions is important. Games on online fantasy cricket apps are also affected by these conditions. While managing a fantasy cricket team, it’s important to know both the weather and the condition of the pitch, as well as the stats and form of the players. As a fantasy player, you are expected to take on the role of a real team owner.


Get a Better Understanding of the Cricket Pitch

It is good to know a few details about the pitch before starting a fantasy cricket game. You can start by gathering information and analysing it. You need to think about a lot of different things while trying to read a cricket pitch accurately. The amount of grass present and the presence of moisture on the playing surface are two of the most important factors to consider. There is another important factor, i.e. the hardness of the playing surface. It can be leveraged to forecast how effectively the pitch will work. Harder pitches make it easier for batters to score runs. 

Check the Weather Reports Before You Pick

The surrounding weather conditions are yet another factor that does not have any direct effect on the manner in which the pitch works. However, if you are aware of how the weather is going to be during the day, it could be easier for you to decide which players you want to pick. It would be beneficial to pick batsmen first, for example, if the weather prediction called for cloudy, wet conditions since the outfield would get even drier later. In addition, rain may cause the field to become muddy and slippery. It’s possible that the DL method might work for you, too, however, do read about its rule on your preferred platform you play fantasy cricket on.

Some other things to keep in mind

  • The pitch will keep its form for a long time if it has recently rained because of the moisture it contains. Nevertheless, the additional moisture may cause some deflections to the ball. Bowlers typically have trouble with bounce and spin when it has rained. It’s also hard to bat because the ball doesn’t come easily to the bat.
  • During day-night matches, the dew on the pitch creates difficulties for both the bowling and batting teams during the second innings. In other words, it slows down the ball. A wet ball makes it difficult for bowlers to maintain a firm grip, however, this problem can be avoided if everyone works together to dry the ball off with towels.

Different kinds of playing surfaces that are used for the majority of matches in cricket

  • Hard, Dry Pitch: Pitch that Is dry and difficult to play on often does not have any cracks, which is why they are dry. It’s a challenging, yet exciting way at the same time. Dry, firm grounds are sometimes referred to as flat pitches due to the fact that they provide bowlers with very little in the way of assistance throughout their games. It’s considerably easier to hit a ball on these cricket pitches since the ball comes straight onto the bat.
  • Grassy, Green Pitch: A green pitch is often covered in a thick layer of green grass. Pace bowlers and swings do well on these kinds of grounds. Since green grass makes it simpler for bowlers to swing the ball and puts batters in an uncomfortable position to bat, it intensifies the competition between bowlers and batsmen.

If you like playing on fantasy apps, you should be familiar with all of the pitch conditions and have a solid understanding of how to analyse them. To prevent making costly mistakes and giving away the game, it is essential to play online fantasy games with the appropriate research, expertise, and knowledge about the game. Your likelihood of succeeding in the matches will effectively increase if you use careful planning about the pitch and weather conditions. Download and install your favourite fantasy cricket app and buckle up for the upcoming league.

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