“Still WON Says They’re The Worst Promotion”- Twitter Reacts As WWE Money In The Bank Tickets Get Sold Out in 1 Minute

WWE pay per views have started growing in stature ever since Triple H took over as the creative head and as things stand with every passing blockbuster, it is nothing short of a cracker. If the WWE Money in the Bank was a dream chaser for many of the fans, the Elimination Chamber simply affirmed the status of reckoning.


With WWE WrestleMania 39 up next, what follows suit is the Money in the Bank contract that will be up for grabs as the swashbuckling blockbuster is lined up next. Much to the shocker of the WWE, the tickets for the Money in the Bank were sold out in a minute as reported Wrestle Ops.

The PPV is all set to happen on the first of July on a Saturday in the O2 Arena in London and as things stand, we may very well be prepared for another rampant set of matchups coming our way.


The poster, as they say, reveals a thousand stories and this was nothing short either as it portrayed a boatload of stars, narrating the probable herald of the rock and roll that is about to unfurl.

The poster shows Seth Rollins from the extreme left followed by Kevin Owens that probably makes this a cracker already. Up next in the lineup is Bianca Belair and the American Nightmare which means that he will have a prolonged run in the industry this time if he is not getting hurt. It eventually ends with Becky Lynch and the Scottish Psychopath, Drew McIntyre.

Here is what Twitter had to say about WWE Money in the Bank

The kind of carnage that we have previously witnessed and with glimpses of some rambunctious in-ring action, it wasn’t surprising that the tickets instantly were off the block as soon as they were released. Twitter had its own take as the tickets rolled out and got sold in a solitary minute.



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