“Someday, I wanna do an art gallery of his work” – EC3 Showers Praise On Bray Wyatt

The terrible demise of Bray Wyatt, who had a lasting impact on the sport of wrestling, is still being mourned. While his admirers and coworkers struggle with their loss, more aspects of his life keep coming to light.

Former WWE star EC3 revealed a “hidden talent” of the late, great Bray Wyatt that not many were aware of in an open interview with The Wrestling Outlaws.

Wyatt was a skilled wrestler, but he also had a lesser-known flair for painting. EC3 revealed that he was taken aback by the revelation of Wyatt’s artistic capabilities. “Windham Bray was painting pictures, and nobody knew, like an artist. These amazing pictures, like looking at them, I was like, ‘Who painted these,’ and it was him. He had this hidden talent or this hidden drive. He was such a creative guy; he painted these amazing pictures.”


What does EC3 think about hidden talent of Bray Wyatt?

Beyond simple appreciation, Wyatt’s artistic talent had a significant influence. Wyatt’s wife JoJo expressed a sincere wish to organise an art gallery exhibition of her husband’s works. EC3 shared her aspiration, saying, “There was an idea from his wife like, ‘Someday, I wanna do an art gallery of his work.’ I’m like, ‘I wanna help. I think that’s the most awesome thing we could do, and that could also substitute into something where we can all get together and celebrate him as a person.”

This revelation provides an inside look at the varied personality of Bray Wyatt, a creative genius whose abilities extended beyond the squared circle. His premature death left a vacuum that can never completely be replaced, but his creative legacy is sure to serve as an example for future generations of performers who want to follow in his footsteps.

Bray Wyatt stands out in the wrestling industry thanks to his unmatched originality and vision, as remarked by wrestling legend Chris Jericho. His singular talent for creating interesting characters and ground-breaking plotlines was evidence of his unique perspective on the business. His legacy will surely continue to have an impact on and inspire others who want to establish a name for themselves in the professional wrestling industry.


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