“She Will Get A Bigger Spotlight”- Tommy Dreamer Makes WWE Draft 2023 Predictions

Former ECW and WWE superstar Tommy Dreamer has shared his views on a superstar’s status in the upcoming WWE Draft. He believes that Natalya will no longer be on SmackDown after the Draft.

On SmackDown a couple of weeks ago, Triple H, Head of WWE Creative, made a rare appearance and he made a major announcement. He announced that the WWE Draft would be happening in the coming weeks and claimed that “when it is all said and done, this year’s Draft will change the game.” WWE then revealed that it would be a two-night event starting on the April 28th edition of SmackDown. It will be ending on the May 1st edition of RAW.

Busted Open Radio recently posted wrestling veteran Tommy Dreamer’s WWE Draft predictions. Dreamer believes that WWE will draft former Women’s Champion Natalya to NXT. Also he thinks Shayna Bazler will go solo, ending her association with Ronda Rousey. Dreamer also predicted that Zoey Stark will come to the main roster and that Shotzi will get a “bigger spotlight”.


Where has Natalya been?

Natalya has wrestled several times on NXT although she has never been an active NXT superstar. She has wrestled NXT superstars such as Cora Jade, Nikkita Lyons and Tatum Paxley. Natalya is a genuine nice person in real life who likes to help her contemporaries and juniors around her.

She had once said on her Instagram,This whole thing would collapse if you just go out there and think of yourself. It’s been my view my entire career to give back whenever I can. New talent, established talent, top of the card or not. I wanted to make sure the business that runs through my family’s veins is there even stronger after I’m done with it.”

In her two-old career, The Queen of Harts has done it and seen it all. If Tommy’s prediction does come true, she will be a great edition to the black and gold brand.


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