“She Has Run Her Course”- Dutch Mantell Thinks Bayley Should Have Lost To Piper Niven At WWE Clash At The Castle 2024

The Role Model of WWE, Bayley has had a remarkable run as a WWE superstar over the course of a decade. However, a veteran WWE manager believed the time of her WWE run is winding down and she should use her star power to elevate other upcoming WWE talent.

Bayley is the current WWE Women’s Champion, winning the title from her former IYO Sky at WrestleMania 40. She is proving to be a fighting champion and will next defend her title against Piper Niven at WWE Clash at the Castle in her home country of Scotland this weekend.

Why former WWE Manager had strong views on seeing Bayley’s run come to an end?

Now, speaking of Bayley who is a top star of the game, former WWE Manager Dutch Mantell stated on SmackTalk that he would like to see Piper Niven triumph over Bayley at WWE Clash at the Castle. Mantell pointed out that The Role Model had a lengthy stint already in WWE and should use her status as a main event talent to put over upcoming stars like Piper Niven.


“I think Piper needs to beat her, I really do. To me, Bayley, she’s run her course. How long has she been there? [Over 11 years] Okay, well, let’s give Piper something. Where’s Piper from? UK? Scotland. Then, I would let her win. I think it’s time for her to win anyway. So, I’m picking Piper.”

Bayley and Piper Niven were in the corners of their close allies, Naomi and Chelsea Green, respectively, for their match on the final SmackDown before WWE Clash at the Castle. Later that night, Niven even landed a sneak attack on both Naomi and Bayley backstage to make the final statement.

With Piper Niven, the Scottish Powerhouse, stepping into the match with the home-field advantage, the potential for a shift in the WWE Women’s Championship is palpable. This could mark the end of Bayley’s title reign, adding a layer of intrigue to the upcoming Clash.


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