“We are not here to satisfy selector’s egos”, Twitter reacts as aggressive celebration of Sarfaraz Khan of pointing towards selector Chetan Sharma did not go down well

The recent non-selection of Sarfaraz Khan for the Indian cricket team’s West Indies tour sparked considerable controversy. The decision drew criticism from cricket legend Sunil Gavaskar, given Sarfaraz’s impressive statistics. However, according to BCCI sources, the player’s fitness level and alleged off-field conduct contributed significantly to this decision.

In the past three Ranji seasons, Sarfaraz has showcased his cricketing prowess. The Mumbai batter amassed 2566 runs, including 928 runs in the 2019/20 season, 982 in 2021/22, and 656 in 2022/23. His compelling performance in these seasons raises questions about his omission from the team.

At just 25 years old, Sarfaraz boasts an impressive career average of 79.65 after 37 red ball games. This figure makes the decision to bypass him even more perplexing, especially considering his replacement. Ruturaj Gaikwad, despite a respectable career average of 42-plus, falls considerably short of Sarfaraz’s record.


However, cricket isn’t just about batting averages and run tallies. A BCCI official, requesting anonymity, provided some insight into Sarfaraz’s non-selection. According to this source, factors beyond cricketing skills influenced the decision. Sarfaraz’s fitness level, described as “not exactly of international standard,” is one such factor. His physical readiness is just as crucial as his batting prowess for a spot on the team.

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Further, the official highlighted some concerns regarding Sarfaraz’s behavior. The player’s off-field conduct and demeanor reportedly did not meet the standards expected of an international player. The official cited some incidents and gestures made by Sarfaraz that were flagged. Sarfaraz’s celebratory behavior after scoring a century against Delhi in a Ranji game was one such incident that didn’t go down well.


However, the BCCI official was not entirely dismissive of Sarfaraz’s chances. Emphasizing the need for discipline, the official hoped that Sarfaraz and his father and coach, Naushad Khan, would work on these critical aspects. Improving his fitness and adopting a disciplined approach on and off the field would significantly enhance Sarfaraz’s prospects.

Sarfaraz Khan’s non-selection for the West Indies tour has stirred a cricketing debate. His impressive performance at domestic levels undoubtedly highlights his cricketing talent. However, the factors influencing team selection extend beyond on-field performance. Fitness and discipline are integral to the making of an international cricketer, aspects that Sarfaraz needs to focus on to realize his potential fully. His journey is a reminder to aspiring cricketers that talent needs to be coupled with discipline, fitness, and impeccable conduct to earn a place in the international arena.



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