Rumor Killer On WWE’s Plans For Return Of Randy Orton

WWE has massive stakes riding high on the uproarious rumour of Randy Orton coming back at the WWE Survivor Series and he will be a part of the War Games on the face side of the faction, ie the side of Sami Zayn, Jey Uso, Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins.

Now one of the leading publications in the arcade of wrestling, Fightful Select took a step further and mentioned that Orton may even go onto win a championship.

After Drew McIntyre joined the ranks of the Judgment Day where he attacked Jey Uso at WWE Raw, it was clear that he was going to be a part of the WWE Survivor Series: War Games. However, then that would have been a handicapped match considering the fact that it is an Elimination battle and with five people against four, it makes no sense whatsoever.



Here is what Fightful Select reported about Randy Orton

However, with that being said, the rumours are stronger than ever, the Apex Predator is going to return at the WWE Survivor Series for the Elimination battle at Wargames and as per Fightful Select’s latest report, WWE may even confer a championship on the Legend Killer.

As far as the reports go, it is believed that WWE doesn’t want any unwanted attention towards CM Punk and even if there is a possible return for the Chicago-born mega star, yet it has to be under wraps. In fact, it was even believed that CM Punk may be the fifth member of the Cody Rhodes side.

However, as per the latest report released by Fightful Select, in all likelihood, WWE has scrapped any plans of Randy Orton being conferred a championship and they have also mentioned that there is a high chance that the industry may go forward with the plans itself but with Drew already in the Judgment Day, this can very well be a possibility.


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