Roman Reigns May Have Found A New Adversary And This May Be Another Massive Rivalry In The Making

Roman Reigns has been a force to reckon with ever since his arrival to the industry, first with the Shield, then as the solo Big Dog and now as the head of the Table. However, his stint as the Tribal Chief or the head of the table has kissed the sky, shattering through all expectations as he has been a destruction of the finest order. However, in order to stay at the top, you need to produce something special every single day and the challenges are innumerable.


Despite a shaky start and vehement flak from the WWE Universe, Reigns has gathered unstoppable traction in the last couple of years and it is now believed that there would be a new addition to the list of Reign’s adversaries once his chapter with Drew McIntyre comes to a close. It is none other than Gunther.

This is what Gunther had to say about Roman Reigns

As per the reports, Intercontinental Champion, Gunther has expressed his interest at a storyline where he would have a rodeo with the Universal Championship. He has been a blazing ball of fire in the NXT circuit and is expected to have a long run in the industry if he can keep his momentum going. He was the NXT Champion for a staggering 870 days where opponents fell like skittles ahead of him.


He showed his true self on Friday Night Smackdown where he unleashed his wrath after being drafted into the main roster for the first time. He gave an interview recently to WittyWhittier where he raved about his childhood, his passion for wrestling and now him being drafted into the roster of the biggest entertainment stages of all.

When asked about a favoured storyline that he wanted to be a part of, he had to say, “I don’t have a list for that, but let’s say it’s Roman Reigns. Yes.” Well, even though its still a long shot to reach there, but with possible canards of Reigns losing out his title to McIntyre, you never know what’s next.



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