Rey Mysterio Names His Personal WWE Mount Rushmore, Leaves Out Triple H

Rey Mysterio, the WWE United States Champion, recently shared his unique perspective on the most influential superstars in his remarkable wrestling career. Join us as we delve into Rey Mysterio’s very own WWE Mount Rushmore—a lineup of legends who left an indelible mark on his illustrious journey.

Eddie Guerrero – Shaping the Lucha Libre Landscape

Eddie Guerrero, a name synonymous with passion and charisma, holds a special place in Mysterio’s WWE Mount Rushmore. Mysterio acknowledged Guerrero’s transformative impact on the world of lucha libre and the broader wrestling landscape. Guerrero’s contributions opened doors and ignited a growth that forever altered professional wrestling, especially within the United States. In the annals of wrestling history, Eddie Guerrero remains a lucha libre icon whose influence on Rey Mysterio is immeasurable.

Hulk Hogan – The Mainstream Trailblazer

The charismatic presence of Hulk Hogan, an embodiment of larger-than-life wrestling, earned him a spot on Mysterio’s Mount Rushmore. Hogan played a pivotal role in making wrestling cool and accessible to a broader audience, reshaping the wrestling landscape.


While Mysterio’s direct interactions with Hogan were limited in the late ’90s WCW, the Hulkster’s legacy as a wrestling icon was undeniable. Without Hulk Hogan’s influence, the wrestling industry as we know it would be fundamentally altered.

Ric Flair – The Sporting Essence of Wrestling

Ric Flair, often regarded as the embodiment of wrestling’s sporting essence, earned a prominent place on Mysterio’s personal Mount Rushmore. While Mysterio’s in-ring clashes with Flair were sparse, the Nature Boy’s impact on the wrestling world was profound. Flair represented the athletic, tactical, and sport-based underpinnings that fans came to love over the years. His influence transcended generations, shaping the very essence of professional wrestling.


Kurt Angle – Pioneering Versatility and Excellence

The inclusion of Kurt Angle in Mysterio’s Mount Rushmore reflects their iconic WWE encounters. Angle, with his unmatched technical prowess, propelled Mysterio to new heights. Their battles showcased Mysterio’s versatility and positioned him as a contender for the WWE Championship.

Angle’s role in breaking through cruiserweight boundaries was instrumental in Mysterio’s journey. This collaboration enriched Mysterio’s career and solidified Angle’s place among the wrestling legends.


A Tribute to Wrestling’s Iconic Figures

Rey Mysterio’s WWE Mount Rushmore offers a unique glimpse into the influences that have shaped his legendary career. Eddie Guerrero, Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, and Kurt Angle, each an icon in their own right, have contributed to the diverse tapestry of professional wrestling. Mysterio’s journey, enriched by their profound impacts, remains a testament to the enduring legacy of these legendary figures.

Throughout his remarkable career, Mysterio’s association with Eddie Guerrero was especially noteworthy. Their bouts transcended promotional boundaries, leaving an indelible mark on the wrestling world. The gravity-defying athleticism and storytelling of their matches, such as the classics at Halloween Havoc 1997 and WrestleMania 21, continue to be celebrated.

While Mysterio’s interactions with Hulk Hogan were relatively limited during their WCW tenure, he acknowledges the profound influence of the Hulkster on the wrestling landscape. Hulk Hogan’s role in propelling wrestling into the mainstream is undeniable.


Ric Flair, despite limited in-ring encounters with Mysterio, had an enduring impact on the wrestling industry. His legacy alongside Hulk Hogan defined an era of wrestling that emphasized both spectacle and sport.

Kurt Angle’s collaboration with Mysterio in WWE was pivotal. Angle’s influence pushed Mysterio beyond the confines of cruiserweight wrestling and into the realm of WWE Championship contention.

In Mysterio’s WWE Mount Rushmore, these influential figures have played a pivotal role in shaping his wrestling career, contributing to the wrestling landscape’s diverse tapestry. Their lasting influence ensures their place among the legends of professional wrestling.


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