“Rest and not surgery is the cure of Bumrah’s stress fracture, but recovery can be very slow,” ICC’s medical adviser says stress fracture won’t be career threatening for Jasprit Bumrah

After missing Asia Cup, Jasprit Bumrah will now also miss the upcoming T20 World Cup in Australia

While the Indian fans are worried about the stress fracture of Jasprit Bumrah and some of them are wondering if that will adversely impact his career, Dr. Dinshaw Pardiwala, who is a part of the medical advisory committee of the ICC, has said that stress fractures are not often career threatening for a player.

According to Pardiwala, stress fractures develop over a period of time. It’s not like a normal fracture which is the result of a sudden trauma. Stress fractures happen when an athlete, and in this case a bowler, sustains plenty of small injuries which are manageable for the time being, but over a period of time, turn into stress fractures.

Dr. Pardiwala is also of the view that the best cure of stress fractures is ample rest and not the surgery. Pardiwala insists that the recovery process from a stress fracture can be very, very slow and it can annoy an athlete because not a lot can be done about it.


It’s just about ensuring that the area of concern doesn’t come under any further stress for a particular amount of time. Time can vary for different athletes because some heals faster than the others, but at the end of the day, it’s about as much rest as possible.

Jasprit Bumrah might be ruled out of Border Gavaskar trophy as well

Dr. Pardiwala, while talking to Times of India, said that sometimes it’s possible for a bowler to go into a game despite a minor stress fracture, with the help of injections or high power painkillers, but the efficiency of performance reduces and the injury aggravates multiple folds. So, it’s not advisable for anyone to take that risk.

Jasprit Bumrah, because of the stress fracture, has not just been ruled out of the T20 World Cup, but there are also question marks if he would be able to take part in the Border Gavaskar trophy against Australia next year.



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