Ravi Shastri explains the reason why Virat Kohli might leave India’s captaincy in all formats

Ravi Shastri and Virat Kohli worked as India's captain-coach duo in all formats in the last 4 years

Ravi Shastri has dropped hints that it might be possible Virat Kohli is seen in India colors only as a batsman in all formats soon and not as a captain.


Virat Kohli has given up the T20I captaincy, but he is still the ODI and test captain of India. However, going by Shastri’s words, it seems Virat might not be intending to keep leading India for a long time anymore.

Shastri reckons Virat might decide he wants to lead only in the longest format of the game and pass the baton in white-ball cricket and even in the longest format of the game, probably not straight away, but at some point, he might just want to give up the leadership and put all his focus on his batting.


Praising Virat for a very fine run as the Indian captain so far, Shastri insists the 33-year-old has been in charge of the test side for a long time and the team has won plenty outside the subcontinent. So, it’s only fair he is given appreciation for what he has done leading the Indian cricket team.

Ravi Shastri wants Virat Kohli to keep ignoring “planted criticism”

When asked what has been Virat’s reaction to some of the articles that have been written recently criticizing him heavily as the Indian captain, Ravi Shastri said criticism doesn’t faze Virat anymore as he has learnt the art of letting it go and not letting it affect him.

Shastri also predicted Virat can stretch his career as a player for the next 6 or 7 years if keeps ignoring whatever gets written about him in the media because not all the time the stories are written with a genuine view. At times, they might be planted articles written with an agenda.


“Planted crap (criticism) will always be there. Ignorance is bliss. If he (Virat) follows that, and I think he is doing it, then he will not have a problem playing for another 6-7 years,” Ravi Shastri said addressing the question of Virat’s recent criticism during his conversation with India Today.


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