Rare Photos Of Alexa Bliss

Alexa Bliss (Alexis Kaufman Cabrera) is a natural at what she does and is also the first woman in WWE to have won all the singles championships available for women on the main roster.

The five feet tall superstar is someone who commands a very loyal fan base in the WWE Universe. There are pages upon pages dedicated to her made by fans. She got married this year to musician Ryan Cabrera breaking many hearts.

She has been involved in multiple WWE storylines over the years, some funny, some shocking and some plain bizarre. Fans are always up for knowing rare things about their favorite superstar, therefore here are 20 rare photos of Alexa Bliss you may have not seen before.


Bodybuilding competitor

The former RAW and SmackDown Women’s Champion was a model before putting WWE. She competed in body building competitions, and it even helped her overcome an eating disorder at the age of 15 with full support of her parents.

In aย New York Post interview, she opened up on her bodybuilding and modeling days:

“I was like 80 pounds and my parents were like, โ€˜You are going to be on stage in six weeks. You can either be skinny and embarrass yourself or look healthy and do well….โ€™ Their diets got me comfortable eating food againโ€ฆthis was like a four- or five-yearย battle.”


This got her noticed enough to be in many fitness magazines and eventually got her into WWE as well.


Young Alexa Bliss:



Comic Art

As we had mentioned earlier, she has a cult following among fans. Here is some beautiful fan art projecting her as a comic book character:


Outside projects

She has been part of some events outside of her in ring career too like, Total Divas: Throwing the first pitch at a baseball game and charity.





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