Ranking 3 best matches of Bray Wyatt

In a tragic passing away, Bray Wyatt left the world for his heavenly abode today morning and his loss is being mourned all across the globe, particularly amidst the wrestling fans. Why was Bray Wyatt so special? Well, the answer lies in his presence.


Not only was he a great wrestler but he pulled off the mic skills like a very few people could and hence, he made a perfect blend of his words and wrestling prowess. Here are three best matches ranked in order of his wrestling career.

#3 The Fiend vs John Cena – WrestleMania 36

Well, this battle was very special not only for Bray Wyatt himself but for the entire wrestling world. The most obvious reason was Covid. The entire world was recovering from the pandemic when WWE wanted to do something different.



Talking about difference, who better than the man who defined himself as the new pennant-bearer of eccentricity and the man who has been defining the industry for ages now. At the end of the day, some solid story telling backed by a decent battle stood out from a flurry of contests around that time.

#2 Bray Wyatt vs Roman Reigns – Hell in a Cell 2015

Hell in a Cell lives up to its reputations frequently and at the end of it all, it was 2015 where torture and pain took a new shape through the Eater of the Worlds. Bray Wyatt unleashed hell upon Roman Reigns, bringing out toys like the WWE Universe had seen very rarely in the recent battles.

Unfortunately. Wyatt didn’t win the contest but ensured that the Big Dog felt pain that he would remember.


#1 The Fiend vs Daniel Bryan – Royal Rumble 2020

Bray Wyatt and Daniel Bryan made a fierce rivalry in the antiquity of WWE and one of the finest matches of Wyatt’s career came in the year 2020 where he made Bryan feel the heat of a worthy contestant and most importantly, both of them kept the stipulation alive till the very end.

Only wrestlers like Wyatt could pull off such unique stipulations and that was another reason why he was so famous.


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