Prominent Star Of AEW Given Green Light for Comeback After Injury

Fans of All Elite Wrestling (AEW) can rejoice as one of their favorites, Rush, has received clearance to return to action after an injury layoff since AEW Worlds End.

Rush sustained a hamstring tear during the Continental Classic in November, pushing through the pain to complete his scheduled matches against tough opponents like Jon Moxley and Jay Lethal. Now, with his determination and perseverance paying off, Rush has announced his readiness to step back into the squared circle.

Rush’s comeback was much anticipated by the AEW fan base, especially in light of his significant contribution to the promotion and his reputation for thrilling performances. Before becoming hurt, Rush had been hinting at possible rivalries with groups like Bullet Club Gold and Blackpool Combat Club, implying that there may be fierce fights when he returned.


Furthermore, considering his ten-year stay with the organisation and his standing as one of the world’s most engaging wrestlers, Rush’s CMLL background lends an intriguing aspect to his homecoming.


With Rush now cleared for action, AEW fans can look forward to witnessing his trademark high-flying maneuvers and fierce in-ring style once again. His return not only makes the AEW roster more exciting, but it also heightens the possibility of confrontations with other groups, making for exciting meetings in the upcoming days, weeks, and months.

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