Popular WWE Couple No Longer With The Company – Reports

In a surprising turn of events, WWE has reportedly released Riddick Moss, the former 24/7 Champion, from his contract. This unexpected release comes after Moss had spent nearly six years in WWE, initially making a name for himself in NXT before transitioning to the main roster on RAW and SmackDown.

During his WWE journey, spanning both brands, the 33-year-old grappler achieved significant milestones. He held the 24/7 Championship, a unique title known for its unpredictability, and notably emerged victorious in the 2022 André the Giant Memorial Battle Royal.

This year, Moss was part of the 2023 WWE Draft, which saw him being drafted to RAW. However, much to the dismay of his fans, his appearances on the flagship show were rather limited. Instead, Moss found himself primarily featured on WWE’s secondary program, Main Event. His last in-ring performance took place on September 11 when he faced off against Bronson Reed.


Emma also released by WWE

Adding an unexpected layer to this development, it was revealed that Riddick Moss’s fiancée, Emma, had also been released from her WWE contract earlier in the day. This made it a doubly challenging day for the couple.

The news of Moss’s release was initially reported by Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful and was later confirmed by Riddick Moss himself via social media. It marks a significant turning point in his wrestling career, leaving fans curious about what the future holds for the former 24/7 Champion now that his journey with WWE has come to an unexpected end.

As Moss explores new opportunities beyond the WWE, the wrestling world will undoubtedly keep a close eye on his next move. It will be interesting to see how the two pro wrestlers perform in their next endeavors. It is not that their WWE doors are forever locked. They can always return to the company in the coming years.


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