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Picture of CSK fans sleeping at railway station goes viral as IPL final gets rescheduled to reserve day

The traveling CSK fans had made no overnight arrangement for themselves as they had planned to fly back home after the completion of IPL final on Sunday

There was a reserve day for the IPL final, but despite the heavy rain yesterday, the umpires were waiting till very late in the evening to get the match started and done yesterday itself. People were wondering why there were such strong attempts for a curtailed game when a full game could be played on the reserve day.

The reason behind that was not every fan who had bought ticket to watch the IPL final yesterday was a local from Gujarat. There were a number of CSK fans who had traveled from various parts of the country to Ahmedabad to watch the IPL final.

Those traveling fans hadn’t made their arrangements for two days. The hotels and flights that they had booked were all booked keeping in mind that the match would be done on Sunday itself and they would be out of Ahmedabad on Monday.


But, because of rain, that didn’t happen. The match had to be rescheduled to the reserve day and since the decision came very late in the night, the traveling fans who had earlier planned to go from the ground straight to the airport had no idea what to to do after the match was rescheduled.

It wasn’t easy for all CSK fans to book hotels instantly after IPL final got rescheduled

It was not easy for all the traveling CSK fans to book hotels instantly and make all the arrangements of their overnight stay smoothly. While most of the CSK fans cancelled their flight tickets back home, they had to spend their night in very uncomfortable places.

In some of the pictures that surfaced on social media today, it could be seen that the CSK fans, who had come to Ahmedabad to watch the IPL final, slept on the railway station floor last night, as they had no other overnight arrangement for themselves. The fans would be hoping that there are no further rain interruptions on the reserve day and they get to see a full game in IPL final later tonight.



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