[Photo] Jey Uso Spotted the first time since quitting WWE

Jey Uso bade adieu to WWE as per his statement on August 11th, the first SmackDown episode since SummerSlam where he was betrayed by his own brother Jimmy Uso just ahead of Jey lifting the title. The episode saw Jey taking out Roman Reigns, Solo Sikoa and finally his brother Jimmy where he superkicked everyone.

In a recent spot of the Anoai family, Jey attended a family union over the weekend where he was with Solo Sikoa and Jimmy Uso. They werenโ€™t the only ones though who were present at the reunion as the entire Fatu family came together for an outing.

Inside the ring, the Usos may be going head on against each other and may be absolutely enemies but when it comes to family and off the ring episode, the entire family is as closely knit and there was no difference in the latest family get-together either.



Jeyโ€™s wife, Naomi, now known as Trinity in Impact wrestling shared pictures of the get-together but fueling further suspicions Naomi blurred out the image of both Jey Uso and Solo Sikoa.

Here is what WWE has been planning to do with Jey Uso and the Bloodline

Going by the storylines, Jey Uso is a lead character in one of the biggest storylines in WWE and will play a crucial role in defining the plot of the story. Trinity, on the contrary, is in Impact Wrestling where she holds the Knockouts World Championship. Fans wanted her to be a part of the Bloodline while she has maintained her distance from the WWE ring ever since she parted ways with the company.

At the moment, there is no word about when Jey Uso is going to return to WWE as the current storyline has kept the two apart and WWE is taking things slowly. In the upcoming SmackDown episode, Jimmy Uso will be appearing after being kicked in the face by Jey Uso, hence that is a clue that the Bloodline Story will continue.


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