“He Is Drunk Half The Time” – Ollie Robinson Comes With A Hilarious Description Of Mark Wood

Ollie Robinson Comes With A Hilarious Description Of Mark Wood: In the recently concluded Test match at Headingley, Mark Wood emerged as the central figure in the English pace attack. His seven-wicket haul highlighted his pivotal role. Fellow English pacer Ollie Robinson described Wood as a dynamic and lively character. He believes Wood’s unique antics inject much-needed laughter during high-stakes series such as Ashes 2023.

Wood staged a comeback to Test cricket with a remarkable all-round performance. He stepped in after the veteran James Anderson was given a break. England, led by Ben Stokes, managed to claim victory by three wickets in this game, although they are currently trailing 2-1 in the five-match series. “Woody’s just got this mad, unique energy. There’s no one else like him,” shared Robinson in a column for Wisden. He amusingly added, “Bear in mind, this is a bloke who, 10 minutes before we went out, was on all-fours barking on the changing room floor, going, ‘There’s a dog in the dressing room. There’s a dog in here, lads…'”

Wood’s fearsome spell during the third Test at Headingley was the talk of the cricket world. He managed to clock an astounding top speed of 96.5mph during his opening spell on the first day. In the first innings, he tore through the visitors, claiming five wickets for just 34 runs. His victims included the likes of Usman Khawaja, Alex Carey, and Pat Cummins.


Ollie Robinson Comes With A Hilarious Description Of Mark Wood

Robinson vividly recounted his experience of Wood’s fierce bowling. “I’ve never seen a spell like Woody’s on that first morning,” he stated. Following the first over, he positioned himself at fine leg, only 15 yards behind Jonny Bairstow, England’s wicketkeeper. He recalled, “I was thinking, literally, ‘This is the fastest thing I’ve ever seen.'”

The sensation of Wood’s bowling remained palpable in Robinson’s further description. He said, “It was crazy. I felt like if they hit it more than a metre on either side of me it was a certain boundary.” He concluded by highlighting Wood’s consistency in both pace and movement, “The fact he was consistently getting the shape and movement on it as well – at that speed – was just unbelievable bowling.”

Mark Wood’s performance has been nothing short of sensational, and his camaraderie with his teammates has provided a much-needed boost to the English dressing room. His form and spirit seem crucial to England’s hopes in the ongoing Ashes series.


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